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Edition April 2018


This Rulebook replaces all previously issued rules. It also reflects the official ICO Amateur Competition Rules.

These current rules are valid for all member states. Consideration can be given to local legal requirements and obligations if required.

The official language of the IRC is English. This Rulebook can be translated in to other languages by the IRC. In case of any discrepancies, the official English version shall prevail.

Without the specific written consent of either ICO or the IRC, this Rulebook shall not be copied, published or distributed. This includes electronic, digital, physical or any other duplication forms.

This Rulebook can be ordered free through the official website of the International Combat Organisation, www.icokickboxing.org

Copyright International Combat Organization – Mark Graham – ICO


1. Part – General

2 Amateur Status (Definition)
3 Doping (Definition, Controls)
4 Registration (Sport pass, License, Identification)
5 Age Categories (Kids, Juniors, Cadets, Adults, Veterans, Masters)
6 Weight Divisions / Weigh-In / Medical Examination
7 Tournament Organisation (Fighting Areas, Boxing-Rings)
8 Referees (Licenses, Mission, Dress-Code)

2. Part – Point Fighting

3. Part – Light Contact and Kick light

4. Part – Full Contact

5. Part – Low Kicks

6. Part – K-1

7. Part – Thai-Boxing

1. Part – General

1. ICO / IRC

1.1 ICO

ICO is the International Combat Organisation, with head office in Birmingham / United Kingdom. The affiliated National Federations are members of ICO.

1.1 IRC

The IRC is the International Rules Committee. The IRC consists of the ICO Head Referee plus four appointed A1 Referees.

The IRC can make alterations or omissions to the existing rules, as well as implement new ones. The IRC can also be used as an arbitrary body in certain cases. The IRC also handles the Referee affairs at larger tournaments.

The IRC Members are solely appointed from the ICO World head office.

1.2. Amateur Status

1.2.1 The term “Amateur” was previously used to group all fighters of the Full-Contact, Low kick, K-1 or Thai-Box divisions. It shall be used in this Rulebook to describe all Fighters that are not Professionals.

1.2.2 Fighters shall be considered Amateurs providing they do not meet one or more of the following conditions:

The fighter is under a professional contract.
The fighter has never participated in an event of more than 5 rounds or Thai Box A – Class.
The fighter is listed on a Pro-Rank list.

1.2.3 If a fighter thinks that he/she is listed on a Pro-Rank list, and shouldn’t be, he/she must report it to the National Federation, and to the Organisation responsible for the list, to apply for a confirmation of his/her Amateur Status. The IRC will decide upon the application to remain classified as an Amateur. The Amateur status will be granted while the application is pending.

1.2.4 Non-Amateurs cannot participate on Amateur events. If the IRC is informed about a contradiction to this rule, one or more of the following actions can be taken:

a) Disqualification of the Non-Amateur

b) A ban/suspension. The IRC will decide upon the length of time.

c) A fine of minimum 300 GBP

d) Revocation of a title achieved. A revocation of a World Title requires the approval of the ICO head office.

1.3. Doping

1.3.1 It is not permitted to apply any substances to boost the performance if such substance is banned by one of the appropriate Organisations as a doping substance. (IOC, Anti-Doping Agency, National Olympic Committee, WADA etc.).

1.3.2 ICO, the IRC, the tournament Promoter and the Official Doctor can and may perform controls. With the authorization of the ICO, other qualified Organisations and persons may perform such controls where the law requires it.

1.3.3 Fighters that intentionally avoid, obstruct or evade such controls, or manipulate them in any way, can be disqualified and banned, for a period to be determined by the IRC.

1.3.4 The privacy, especially of Kids and Female Competitors, must be respected. Doping controls must be made by a qualified person of the same gender. Where this is not possible, a member of the IRC of the same gender supervises the collection of the test sample.

1.4. Registration

1.4.1 Fighters who want to be admitted to any competition, tournament or gala, need to fulfil the following conditions:

a) To possess a ICO issued or accepted Sport Book (Sport Pass)

b) To have a valid license stamp for the current year applied in the Sport Book

c) Proof of an appropriate entry in the Sport Book to show they are “Fit to Fight”. A Medical assessment must not be older than 12 months. (Forms only competitors need not to comply with this rule)

d) Not to be excluded for medical or any other reason from participating in the event

e) To be able to show a medical attest of a performed EEG examination, in case of experiencing 3 head knockouts within a period of less than 12 months. The EEG must be made after the banned period.

f) In case of female participants, not to be pregnant.

1.4.2 Entries into the ICO Sport Book

The Promoters of a tournament, a competition or a gala are responsible to make the following entries to the ICO sport book:

a) Place, date and name of the event b) Discipline and score of the fighter

c) Any Knockout, Stoppage or Surrender

Instead of the Promoter, the Head Referee, ICO Area/Ring Supervisor, or in case of a Knockout, Stoppage or Surrender a doctor can make the entries.

1.4.3 Banning periods after a Knockout, Stoppage or Surrender a) 1 month after the incident

b) 3 months after the second incident

c) 12 months after the third incident within 12 months (EEG required)

After a 12 month ban due to three Stoppages/Knockouts or Surrenders within 12 months, the fighter has also to submit a medical assessment with a negative EEG examination result, before being admitted to any competition again.

1.4.4 Identification of the competitors

On International events, the competitors must prove their identity and nationality by showing Government issued ID.

Competitors that show an ID card issued by the ICO, displaying the 5-digit MAP number, need not to produce further identification. The 5-digit MAP number means that they have already had their passport or ID scanned.

1.4.5 Chosen Country Nationalities

A competitor who can prove his/her special relations to a country other than the one of his/her nationality must submit one of the following documents to the ICO:

a) birth certificate of the country of choice

b) marriage certificate with a citizen of the country of choice

c) a permanent residence permit of the country of choice

The application must be submitted in writing through the ICO in the chosen country. The ICO of the chosen country must apply then to the ICO head office. A competitor who has chosen a country via this method can only change again after obtaining a new citizenship, or after moving to another country for permanent residence there.

The ICO head office decides upon such applications, which must be submitted at least 1 month prior to the competition the fighter intends to participate in.

1.5 Age Categories

is less than thirteen years on the FINAL DAY of Competition.

should have reached 13 years but be less than 18 years on the FINAL DAY of Competition.

Man or Lady should have reached 18 years but be less than 36 years on the FINAL DAY of Competition.

Man or Lady should have reached 36 years but be less than 40 years of age on the FINAL DAY

should have reached the age of 40 years on the FINAL DAY of Competition.

1.6 Weigh-In

1.6.1 The weigh-ins must be completed at least two hours prior to the first fight.

1.6.2 International Tournaments, Competitions or Gala shows

Whenever possible, a selection of volunteer Referees that are preferably from different countries, supervise the weigh-in on International Competitions the day before the start of the competition.

1.6.3 Male and Female participants

Whenever there are male and female participants, the medical examinations must be held in separate rooms, or if in the same room, then during different times. Furthermore, the examinations must be done by medical staff of the same gender if possible.

1.7 Competition – Management

1.7.1 Matted Area (Semi-Contact, Forms, MMA and Light-Contact – if Light-Contact or MMA is not held in the Ring)

a) The fighting area must be square, and each side must have a length of 6m to 8m.

b) On two sides facing each other, 1m from the center of the square to the outside, two parallel lines are to be marked, on which the competitors line up at the beginning of the fight.

c) Around the fighting area, a safety strip of 1m must be kept clear. No Spectators or Referee-Tables can be placed within that strip. The strip can be marked out on the floor.

d) The Timekeeper and Scorekeeper (for Semi Contact) are located at the Referee-Table facing the Centre Referee. Electronic score boards and screen are permitted.

e) In case there is only one fighting area, sufficient space for the Medics and/or Emergency Personnel must be provided at the Referee-Table.

f) The Referee-Table must be equipped with the following items:

Pool lists, Score boards or electronic displays, Table stop watch, plus hand stop watch in reserve

Acoustic signal (Bell, Whistle, Horn), A bean bag is also permitted

Spare papers / pencils, PC and printer permitted

1.7.2 Boxing Ring (all Full-Contact Sports, MMA and Light-Contact)

a) The boxing rings must correspond to the norm of the AIBA (Association International de Boxe Amateur).

b) The boxing ring, all side protections and the ropes must be inspected for suitability and safety prior to the first fight.

c) The usual side length of the square is a minimum of 4.5m and a maximum of 6.10m. (Side length of the ropes) The ring must be surrounded by 4 ropes.

d) The four corners must be made of metal. The diagonal distance between them shall not exceed 10.6m (outside measurement).

e) The height of the corners shall not be more than 1.32m (52“) above the platform of the ring.

f) All corners must be covered with commonly used cushions to avoid possible injuries. g) None of the 4 ropes may have a diameter of less than 2.5cm (1“).

h) The lowest rope must be placed 33.02cm (13“) above the platform, the top rope no more than 1.32m. i) All ropes must be covered with a soft tightly fitted material.

j) The platform itself may be placed at a minimum height of 90cms, and not higher than 1.20m above the ground. It must be covered with a foam or similar material below the ring floor layer.

k) Stairs must be placed in the red and blue corner.

l) Tables and chairs for the Judges are to be provided along the three other sides of the Ring.

m) If there is only one ring in use, sufficient space for the medics and/or emergency personnel is to be provided at the Referee-Table.

n) To avoid possible injuries, Camera Operators are not permitted on the platform during the rounds.

1.8 Referee licenses

F National Judge for local events
E National Judge for national events
D National Judge & Referee for national events

C International Judge & Referee for international events, including local titles
B International Judge & Referee for all events including national pro titles
A International Judge & Referee for all events including international pro titles
A 1 International Supervisor – for International title fights and amateur championships

1.8.3 All National Licenses F, E, and D can be awarded by the local national head referee of each country after the annual Referee Seminar. These licenses are valid for 12 months and must be renewed thereafter.

1.8.4 The International Licenses C and B will be given directly from the IRC head referee after the International Referee Seminar or ICO head office directly. These licenses must be confirmed by the IRC and are valid for three years, unless otherwise shortened.

1.8.5 All International Referees are responsible themselves to extend their own licenses at least every third year.

The A License and finally the A1 Supervisor License can be awarded only by majority decision from the IRC or ICO head office directly. These licenses are valid for three years. All international A class Referees and Supervisors are responsible themselves to extend their own licenses at least every third year International Referees & Judges

1.8.6 The minimum age is 18 years and the Referee or Judge must be a member of a National ICO Federation. They must attend international seminars.

1.8.7 A basic knowledge of the English language is compulsory. All International Seminars will be held in English language.

1.8.10 To be nominated as A – Referee and A1 Supervisor The majority of the IRC Members must support the nomination.

1.8.11 To be nominated as B – Referee the IRC Chairman must support the nomination.

1.8.12 To be nominated as C – Referee the appropriate Country Head Referee or Country Representative must support the nomination. A national Referee cannot gain international status without the permission of their country head referee.

1.8.13 The IRC can make the attendance of seminars, and/or the successful passing of a test, as well as sufficient command of English (the official language of the IRC), as a condition for an A or B – Referee nomination. The nominations are to be confirmed periodically, at least every 3 years.

1.8.14 Licensed Referees will be registered in a central database. Their names, category, nationality and MAP-number will be published on the official web site.

1.8.15 Nationality – conflict of interest

The following two variants are suitable for the composition of the Referee Team on Continental & World Championships:

a) There can be one Judge of the nationality of the Red competitor. There must also be one Judge of the nationality of the Blue competitor. The other Judge must be from a neutral country, (from neither of the competitors’ nationalities).

b) All Judges are of a different nationality than either the Red or the Blue Competitor. This is the preferred choice.


1.8.16 If a Referee has several nationalities, or if he, based on the exception of the nationality principle, has chosen a country, he must step down voluntary whenever an opponent is of either one of the Referee’s nationality, or of the country of choice.

Conflict of Interest

1.8.17 A person who intends to be a Referee on any event cannot act as a Judge, Coach or Country Representative at the same time.

1.8.18 The Referees have the obligation to report themselves any possible conflict of interest. In case of an omission, the present IRC Members, after consulting with the Head Referee, may impose one or more of the following measures:

Exclusion of a further participation as a Referee on the event Reduction of the Referee compensation Withdrawal of the Referee’s License for a time determined by the IRC

Head Referee

1.8.19 At every competition, a Head Referee must be designated. He/She is responsible for the whole Referee organisation and supervises the work on all fighting areas and/or rings.

Area Supervisor

1.8.20 On a competition with several fighting areas or rings, the Head Referee Designate Area Supervisors who supervise all proceedings on their fighting area or ring. The Area Supervisor places the Referees on his fighting area or ring according to their nationality or affiliation to a school, club or fighter. He reports the results according to the instruction of the Head Referee.

1.8.21 The Head Referee can exchange Referees who are obviously not neutral or who violate the official ICO competition rules and can overrule their decisions.

Referee Clothing

1.8.28 During the pre-elimination fights, up to the semifinals, a black T-shirt with the print “REFEREE” will be allowed. For the finals or Title Fights, all Referees must wear black trousers, a black polo shirt with an ICO print.

1.8.29 To eradicate injuries, it’s forbidden to wear any jewellery, watches or pens etc. Judges that have no body contact with the Competitors are not included in this rule. The use of medical gloves is recommended.

1.8.30 Registration of Referees per country for World Championships and European Championships

For every 25 competitors of a country, one Referee must be present.

1-25 competitors 1 Referee
26-50 competitors 2 Referees
51-75 competitors 3 Referees
76-100 competitors 4 Referees
101-125 competitors 5 Referees
126 and more competitors 6 Referees

Any country that does not fulfil the requirements shall be fined £250 GBP for each missing Referee. This goes into the general account of the IRC.

Each country is responsible for training and licensing their own Referees in time for World and Continental Championships. The training for the F, E and D Graded Referees is a matter of each country. However, the IRC does offer seminars.

All countries which pre-register their Referees for Championships and get confirmation from IRC will receive priority.

1.8.31 The Referees’ payment is agreed by Tournament promoter and ICO head office.

1.8.32 The Promoter is responsible for taking care of the Referees. This includes providing a separate room with food and beverages. It is also necessary that the Referee Tables are provided with mineral water.

2. Part – Semi Contact

2.1 Semi Contact Rules.

2.1.1 The Fighting Area

The fighting area should be matted, without damage and clean. There should be no spillages or debris on the surface.

Minimum dimensions for the fighting area should be minimum six meters by six meters to maximum eight meters by eight meters.

Where practicable, one meter of safety matting should be placed around each side. The fighting area may be larger than thirty-six square meters, but no larger than sixty – four square meters.

2.1.2 Rounds

The number of rounds and length of rounds is two rounds two minutes, (plus any extra time). In the event of a draw after the final round, a one-minute break is followed by one minute of extra fighting time. If after this extra time there is still no winner, there should be no break, and sudden death should come in to play. First to score is the winner.

2.1.3 Official ICO Weight Categories
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